make me choose: anonymous asked: James or Severus?

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Interviewer: Robin, my wife has a crush on you, it’s not just Simon.

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I love you, Teresa…and it makes me happy to be able to say that to you.

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Simon Baker and Robin Tunney bested ALL the airport scenes ever made in the history of movies and television there I said it.

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Can we talk about that guy though? :D He totally gets it. And he totally ships it.

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Thank god I haven’t visit tumblr before watching The Mentalist season 6 finale. I’m still in shock. So glad they have finally took this step.
Say it again…


The Mentalist 6x22 Blue Bird — Jisbon.

This was the perfect ending, and somehow the guard banging on the glass made it even better. Heartfelt and funny.

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